Polki is N. M. Chhotani’s most recently launched product line comprising of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles and sets all in sterling silver studded with diamond polki and gold plated. All pieces are imported and so order time for any design (in the case that a particular design is not available) is 60 days. All pieces are hand made, hence no 2 pieces can be totally alike.

A Polki Diamond is an Uncut Diamond with fewer facets than a regular cut diamond. Since they are uncut, they have less fire or brilliance when compared to fully cut diamonds. These diamonds are mined from the earth and retained naturally with no enhancement, and not lab created or synthetic as is sometimes mistaken to be. They come in all sizes ranging from as small as 0.005 cents to a few carats. Polki diamonds are usually thin, flat and brittle with a foil covering on its back. The foil can be of gold or of silver. Polki diamonds do not have a grading science as regular diamonds do. Since there is no quality grading and authenticity certificate, one must look for whiteness and inclusions. Experts add that lesser the inclusions, the better the value you will get for your money. That makes it very important that you go to a reputed jeweller for buying polkis as you are assured of its genuineness.


Polki pictures can be viewed HERE