Cocktail rings have recently started to pick up a lot of attention especially in the new wedding season. New designs are really comfortable eye catching and stylish which may make for a great present for your beloved even after marriage.

All you got to do, is know what and where to choose but lucky for you we’ve got the perfect collection of stunning cocktail rings to choose from. They enclose beautiful stones in a delicate ring to give your loved ones a nice little surprise. 

With over 10 years of experience, Argentum prides itself on providing exceptional formal wear rings that not only help you stand out, but compliment the exceptional dressing style that you’ve picked. We focus on quality and affordability so we have something for everyone that drops by our Online Store.

The following are some of our esteem recommendations from our Cocktail Rings collection that you may consider.

Feast your eyes on this delicate, sophisticated yet stylish Cocktail ring. Its Rhodium treated on top with gold treatment around it. Gives off different shades when worn and is a great recommendation for light colored formal dresses.

Green Colored Gem with Zircon and Glass? Count us In.
Stunning Cocktail Ring with a fascinating design and embroidery that’s sure to peak your interest.

Despite this looking like something clearly out of a Game of Thrones episode, this aesthetic design is sure to raise your interest and expand that wardrobe flexibility even further.

We like to go on record and say this is an absolute Champagne of a piece, so we decided to call it just that. This cocktail ring will literally go with anything at any functional even that you’d have in mind. We guarantee it.

Let’s take a trip through memory lane, you’ve probably seen this Cocktail ring design a lot and we’ve decided to bring it back. With a little twist of our own in the form of the golden embroidery around the ring, we hope to give you the perfect wedding gift.