Every Wedding season we see amazing bridal dresses from some of the most well-known designers around. But what we really love seeing is the Necklace sets that grace these dresses.

In our view, they really tend to bring the bride out of her shell and showcase her and the designer dress even more. So, we think it’s really important to pick the right Pendant and Necklace Sets for those attending the events and be the standout at these events too. 

Not to mention they make the perfect gifts for these occasions as well.

So, we at Argentum Jewelers took the liberty of creating our own Necklace sets to set the standards we want to see at these special events. We want to be at the forefront of the ‘Shaadi season’ and give our customers something to look forward to every time this time of the year drops by. 

Here are some of our favored Necklace Collections:

Our Pendant set with rubies is one you’ve got to have for your collection as Its perfect for afternoon or morning family functions with your semi-formal wear.

Add a touch of Ferozas to your life with our stunning Pendant and Necklace Set featuring beautifully crafted feroza designs. You wouldn’t want to miss these.

Have a stunning bridal dress but don’t know which jewelry that goes with It? We’ve got you covered. This stunning heart shaped pendant set with embroidered gold cast around the design is sure to provide your get up with the update it needs.