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Article: Necklace Sets Collection And Types Of Necklace Sets

Necklace Sets Collection And Types Of Necklace Sets

Necklace Collection And Types of Necklace

Jewellery accessories have been all time the favorite for women. There are different types of necklace that every woman wear with their outfit. Each woman has her own preferences in wearing different types of necklaces. Here, we will discuss widely used necklace types.

The necklace is a jewellery accessory that is worn around the neck by women in general. Mostly. Gold, Silver, Platinum embedded with different colour stones, Kundan, and gems are used in the making of Necklace. This necklace set increases your style statement when you are wearing it.

We have seen a large number of women and young girls wearing Gold Necklace Set and Diamond Necklace Set. However, Silver Necklace Set is seen widely and it is used by most girls. On the wedding ceremony, brides wear Bridal Necklace Set that is specially designed for bridals. Here we will discuss the latest gold necklace set designs with price.

Types of Necklace Collection

1- Princess Necklace Set

Princess Necklace Set is one of the most worn by girls. They normally come with a length varying from 17 to 19 inches. They look well with almost every type of outfits like shalwar kameez, lehnga, and sarees. More, they come up with earrings that match the design of the neckpiece. 

2- Bib Necklace Set

Made of layers of beads and bling. This Bib Necklace Set can be paired up with any simple earring tops. Thet add the classic funky look to your look. Bib Necklace Set is a replacement of the old traditional style scarf that came with some small neckpieces. When they are worn with deep neck tops, neckless dresses, or Kurtis, they seem good.

3- Choker Necklace Set

Choker Necklace Set is worn very close to the neckline. Also, they seem good when worn with Kurtis, sarees, and styled tops. Available in the length size of 14 to 16 inches. Choker Set can increase the outfit, be it for any occasion or event.

4- Collar Necklace Set

Collar Necklace Set comes in the varying length of 12 to 13 inches. They are made with Kundans, pearls, and they create a charm to your outfit. More, they look great for the necklines like V-Shaped, off-shoulder tops, and collar necklace designs.

5- Lariat Necklace Set

The Lariat Necklace Set is a unique type of necklace sets that are long rope-like chains worn in a single strand. This Lariat Necklace Set has a lop via which an end passes gives you a Lariat style. For formal types of outfits, it looks amazing and can even be worn on casual tees or tops.

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