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Naurattan Polki Pearl JhumkasNaurattan Polki Pearl Jhumkas
Naurattan Polki Pearl Jhumkas Sale price Rs.58,500.00
Naurattan Handmade JhumkisNaurattan Handmade Jhumkis
Naurattan Handmade Jhumkis Sale price Rs.43,500.00
Blue Handmade JhumkisBlue Handmade Jhumkis
Blue Handmade Jhumkis Sale price Rs.41,500.00
Red Handmade JhumkisRed Handmade Jhumkis
Red Handmade Jhumkis Sale price Rs.40,000.00
Green Handmade JhumkisGreen Handmade Jhumkis
Green Handmade Jhumkis Sale price Rs.39,000.00
Handmade Jhumki with REHandmade Jhumki with RE
Handmade Jhumki with RE Sale price Rs.27,500.00
BP Meena Kundan BJBP Meena Kundan BJ
BP Meena Kundan BJ Sale price Rs.65,000.00
RBW MeenaKari JhumkaRBW MeenaKari Jhumka
RBW MeenaKari Jhumka Sale price Rs.42,000.00
LF MeenaKari JhumkaLF MeenaKari Jhumka
LF MeenaKari Jhumka Sale price Rs.38,000.00
RE MeenaKari JhumkaRE MeenaKari Jhumka
RE MeenaKari Jhumka Sale price Rs.35,000.00
Green and White Trendy Kundan JhumkasGreen and White Trendy Kundan Jhumkas
Jade & Ruby Jhumkas with EnamelJade & Ruby Jhumkas with Enamel
Jade & Ruby Jhumkas with Enamel Sale price Rs.36,000.00
Polki & MOP JhumkasPolki & MOP Jhumkas
Polki & MOP Jhumkas Sale price Rs.31,500.00
Kundan & Pearl Chand JhumkasKundan & Pearl Chand Jhumkas
Kundan & Pearl Chand Jhumkas Sale price Rs.32,500.00
Kundan Meena JhumkasKundan Meena Jhumkas
Kundan Meena Jhumkas Sale price Rs.36,000.00
Pink and Green Tikki JhumkaPink and Green Tikki Jhumka
Pink and Green Tikki Jhumka Sale price Rs.55,000.00
Katak NR Bali JhumkaKatak NR Bali Jhumka
Katak NR Bali Jhumka Sale price Rs.35,000.00
Kundan Carved Bali Jhumka 2Kundan Carved Bali Jhumka 2
Kundan Carved Bali Jhumka 2 Sale price Rs.26,000.00
Kundan Carved Bali JhumkaKundan Carved Bali Jhumka
Kundan Carved Bali Jhumka Sale price Rs.26,000.00
Polki & Garnet JhumkaPolki & Garnet Jhumka
Polki & Garnet Jhumka Sale price Rs.42,000.00