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Tiffany PendantTiffany Pendant
Tiffany Pendant Sale price Rs.20,000.00
Tiffany Pendant 2
Tiffany Pendant 2 Sale price Rs.20,000.00
Ya Ali Feroza String PendantYa Ali Feroza String Pendant
Ya Ali Feroza String Pendant Sale price Rs.25,000.00
The Flower Tops with Cultured Pearl CentresThe Flower Tops with Cultured Pearl Centres
Zircon & Ruby PendantZircon & Ruby Pendant
Zircon & Ruby Pendant Sale price Rs.25,000.00
99 Names of Allah Pendant99 Names of Allah Pendant
99 Names of Allah Pendant Sale price Rs.27,500.00
Cabachon Ruby LoveCabachon Ruby Love
Cabachon Ruby Love Sale price Rs.28,000.00
Surah e Qafiroon PendantSurah e Qafiroon Pendant
Surah e Qafiroon Pendant Sale price Rs.29,000.00
Kundan and Meenakari Handcrafted Pendant
Allah PendantAllah Pendant
Coral Centred Handcrafted Allah PendantCoral Centred Handcrafted Allah Pendant
Carved Emerald Broch PendantCarved Emerald Broch Pendant
Carved Emerald Broch Pendant Sale price Rs.38,500.00
Pink Carved Zircon Baguette PendantPink Carved Zircon Baguette Pendant
Pink Carved Zircon Baguette Pendant Sale priceFrom Rs.42,000.00
'A' Changeable Stone Pendant'A' Changeable Stone Pendant
'A' Changeable Stone Pendant Sale priceFrom Rs.48,000.00
Enamel Royalty Polki PendantEnamel Royalty Polki Pendant
Enamel Royalty Polki Pendant Sale price Rs.55,000.00
Long V shaped Regal PendantLong V shaped Regal Pendant
Long V shaped Regal Pendant Sale price Rs.60,000.00
Handcrafted Box Pendant in Treated Rubies and ZirconHandcrafted Box Pendant in Treated Rubies and Zircon
Hand Made Religious PendantHand Made Religious Pendant
Hand Made Religious Pendant Sale price Rs.60,000.00
Vintage and Traditionally crafted Box PendantVintage and Traditionally crafted Box Pendant
Reversible Pendant Set with Reversible StonesReversible Pendant Set with Reversible Stones